Domus Boss

Domus Boss

A professional software for the access control for Windows and Mac OS X.


DomusBoss is a software in client/server architecture that allows you to manage
needs and problems of a modern user access control system at gates
such as bars, doors, turnstiles and more,
thus ensuring safety of the work environment.

The database and the communication with the hardware devices
of the system is managed by the server side
while the client part allows the enabled operators
to interact with the system based on their privileges.

DomusBoss is perfectly compatible and integrated
with “Handyman“, our attendance management software.

DomusBoss, in addition to all the basic functions
typical of an access control system as listed below,


Advanced functions


Our central fulfills all the typical needs of an access control system.

In addition to the normal functions it is also able to manage accesses by a QrCode and video analysis in general, being able to take photos or create a short video during access / attempted access and more.

It is a product constantly updated and specific customer needs can be met.


Typical basic functions


– System configuration indicating the installation, locations, areas, gates and hardware devices to be managed.

– Management of the user archive, alignment of the user archive with external registry.

– Management of the transit enabling time slots to be assigned to users.

– Management of opening times for the gates (automatic or activated by badge).

– Management of high security areas such as night hours, holidays, etc. with a pin code request in addition to the badge.

– Management of the holidays calendar.

– Display, print and detailed examination of the elements  of all events received from hardware devices (for example: allowed or denied transits etc.).

– Display of the system status, etc.

– Assignment of qualifications to the users with the possibility to show the period validity.

– Opening time slots of the gates.

– Reports of special events by an automatic sending of e-mails.


 Is characterized by “plus” such as:




Visitor management

DomusBoss due to a specially developed interface, allows to leave the classic paper register and to list all visitors and all information in the database. If necessary, you can therefore easily and quickly verify the entries and exits of visitors that took place at any time of the year.
DomusBoss also allows to automatically assign a badge to visitors to enter through the main door (company access based on a visitor template) and other access points based on their operational needs.
(Example: A technician arrives to the company in the morning. If he needs to go to his car to take some material he has to ring each time to be opened. With DomussBoss you can let him open the gate by himself and you can check all his “in and out”, whether it is still within the company or not, etc).



DomusBoss provides, if required, a special console for touch display that allows you to perform the self-registration and take a picture of the visitor.


Indoor location

DomusBoss allows you to check the movements of your staff and/or vehicles without people having to bring the badge to some readers. By a special doubloon that is delivered to the staff or placed in the cars and thanks to particular receivers the system detects the presence of the doubloon. If the doubloon moves away from the company, the system will list the person or the vehicle as absent.



DomusBoss thanks to a Dashboard, detects people in real-time and live by cameras associated to the gates. It also allows you to see in real time the movements of users.


Supported platforms: Windows (From Windows 7 onwards), Mac OS X.
Languages: Italian and English – new languages can be added