HR management software for Windows and Mac OS X.


Handyman is a software for Windows and Mac OS X, simple and intuitive to use, developed and always updated according to the needs of our customers and the experience we gained over the years .
It is suitable for the management and control of attendance both in private and public environments (companies, communities, schools, etc.) and it has configurable tables that allow to manage and to personalize even very complex situations.


Main functions

– Creation of an unlimited number of working hours (daily, shift, part-time, etc.), rigid or flexible, overtime, delays.

– Recording and storing data for an unlimited period to allow analysis and statistics.

– Multi-company.

– Automatic acquisition of transactions carried out by employees through punch clocks.

– View and print the present/absent list.

– Processing of data based on the working time models set in the tables.

– Reporting of anomalies (missed time stamping, delays, etc.).

– Code entry.

– Complete and effective integration with our DomusBoss software, access control and security.

– Client-server architecture. The database is installed on the company server and through the client you can use Handyman from the PCs on the network.


Supported platforms: Windows (From Windows 7 onwards), Mac OS X.
Languages: Italian and English – new languages can be added.


Database accessible to provide data to third-party procedures